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Ocean Photography

Hello, my name is Mark Ogden, of Ocean Photography by Mark Ogden. Please join me in exploring the open ocean off the coast of West Palm Beach Florida, the Florida Keys, and Bahamas.

It's here that I've found the diversity of sealife to be absolutely captivating. From the wide verity of reef fish, the elegant and graceful blue angle, queen angel, and gray angle to the wild looking flying gurnard. Then there's the vast array of other fish, flora, and underwater landscape that defies explanation in any other way but in picture form.

This has been a blessing for me in that after diving my whole life, both professionally and recreationally, it has given me a means of giving something back.

So please let me share with you some of what I've encountered on my adventures to the deep, in a place I call home.

Thank you for visiting Oceanphotography.com, and please write if you have any comments or questions.